Discover How Your Organisation Could Benefit From Having A Hub

Arrange your free demo of The Hub and our intranet consultants will give you a personal online tour of the system, demonstrating how it could transform your business communications.

Whatever your intranet requirements, our team of experts are happy to discuss how we can help your business achieve it's goals for a new intranet portal.

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Enjoy the latest and greatest features without having to pay for an upgrade or an add-on.  Every Hub customer benefits from automatic upgrades for free.

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Your new intranet can be ready for uploading content less than 48 hours after signing contracts, so your intranet project can get off to a flying start.

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Discover how the Hub's social engagement features helped our customer, Portview transform their internal comms and win a prestigious award for their intranet.

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Providing global businesses with a versatile digital workplace that drives employee engagement and improves business communications.

Powered by Pancentric Digital, one of the UK's leading digital agencies and RAR multi award winner.

Hub Training
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