Hub user - Portview - wins prestigious CIPR award for their intranet

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Discover How The Hub Helped Portview Transform Their Internal Comms

Portview embraced the Hub's social engagement features to help their company intranet win the prestigious CIPR award.

The Hub is an innovative communications platform that integrates the functionality of a traditional intranet with the interactivity of a social network.

Highly visual in appearance, the Hub has significantly improved internal relations within Portview by strengthening the company's reputation as a socially inclusive employer that cares for its employees.





Portview is a fit-out specialist with over ninety employees working across the UK and Europe.  With multiple teams operating remotely and autonomously, Portview conducted a communications audit to gauge brand awareness and engagement levels.  They discovered only 43% of employees felt encouraged to work together and share knowledge, with many voicing that ineffective communications had created a competitive silo mentality of "us and them".

After recognising they had a “communication problem”, Portview sought to introduce and manage an internal social network that facilitated employee interaction, encouraged idea sharing and created a healthy workplace culture.

After three months, ten demos with various providers and numerous product trials, Portview chose the Hub as their preferred intranet solution.





  • Inform employees of relevant company developments.

  • Embrace a socially inclusive culture that motivates and supports the wellbeing and development of employees.

  • Communicate the company’s core values.

  • Celebrate company successes and the individual achievements of employees.

  • Provide insight and measurement of employee behaviour/engagement for the Communications and HR teams.

  • Facilitate a more effective and time-efficient way of collecting data for business improvement – such as encouraging employees to contribute ideas that could be implanted throughout the organisation.

  • Allow users to not only 'like' and 'comment' on content but generate their own content too.

  • Integrate various media formats (such as video, images, etc) and enable third party sources to be embedded (i.e. RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, weather, Tube updates).

  • Be mobile friendly and responsive.

  • Be fully compliant with GDPR.




The Hub enabled Portview to achieve its primary objective to breakdown the silo mentality between teams by implementing:


  • DAILY NEWS SECTION to promote press releases, events, project progress, photographs and films, and meeting minutes.

  • HEALTH AND WELLBEING RESOURCE AREA that provides employees with information on living healthier and raises awareness of health conditions.

  • GROUP CHAT AREAS allowing users to live message each other about work-related topics or shared interests.

  • PHOTO COMPETITIONS where users ‘like’ and ‘comment’ to help raise money for our charity partner (which helped us to exceed our fundraising target)

  • EMPLOYEE Q&A FILMS, with employees expressing what they love most about Portview, their job, and the people they work with.

  • PHOTO GALLERIES sharing group activities, internal workshops, award ceremonies and fundraisers.

  • REGULAR COMPANY UPDATES about project wins.

  • ‘MOVERS & SHAKERS' AREA alerting users about new starters and leavers.

  • PEER-TO-PEER RECOGNITION SCHEME, where co-workers can nominate a person for everyday contributions that demonstrate the company values.

  • BIRTHDAY & WORK ANNIVERSARY showcase for employees.

  • EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY with personal profiles staff can tailor with photos and details on their job role and interests outside of work.

  • TWITTER INTEGRATION so employees area kept abreast with what the company posts on the company twitter account.

  • INNOVATION PROGRAMME where employees can submit ideas and suggestions via forms or surveys for business improvement. 

  • DAILY EMAIL UPDATES of latest content updates to the Hub.




95% of employees agree the Hub has improved their internal comms and feel encouraged to work together and share knowledge.  This is an increase of 52% based on when employees were asked the same question prior to implementing the Hub.

In 12 months, the Hub has been logged into 172,196 times, averaging at 3,311 log-ins a week and 471 log-ins a day.  78% of users log in every 48 hours, with 97% of users logging in every month.


98% of users are opted into Nightly or Weekly Alerts, driving users back into the Hub whenever new content is added.  By effectively tagging content with relevant keywords, Portview's User Alerts deliver targeted internal comms that ensure their users always receive notifications about content that's relevant to them. 


By utilising the Hub's targeted Alerts, Portview have been able to drive high-levels of employee engagement, proven by over 3,568 Likes since launch and 300+ comments by users in the last month.


"It [the Hub] provides a great insight into how the site teams work with project progress pics and handover images."

"The Hub is a great platform to see what's going on at Portview - it's great to get updates and photos on job progression - good to welcome our new colleagues and bid farewell to leavers and general information regarding awards etc."




The annual cost for Portview's Hub came in well under budget for their intranet project. 

The Hub represents a great return on investment, with both internal and external research showing the Hub has helped Portview make substantial gains towards achieving their strategic intranet objectives in the first year.



  • Increased empowerment and motivation of employees.

  • Improvement of internal communications.

  • Tangible insights and measurement of employee behaviour.

  • A stronger more inclusive company culture. 

*The CIPR PRide Awards are the UK’s most prestigious nation-wide awards scheme, recognising excellence in public relations and communications across the UK.


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is the Royal Chartered professional body for public relations practitioners in the UK and overseas.

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