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A successful intranet is more than just great content - it should also be about great design. 

The look and design of your intranet can have a huge impact on how your users interact and engage with your content.

Our intranet designers are available to help you transform the look of your Hub, creating dedicated assets that look slick, are branded to your business and encourage your users to click and engage with your content.




We always assign a basic Theme to every Hub, consisting of your company logo and colour palette.  However many of our customers want to give their Hub its own unique look that's different from their dry company branding to help energise their intranet. 


We can transform your Hub into a slick, stylish intranet by designing a suite of assets that give your Hub its own unique branding.  This design service is perfect if you have multiple Hub Communities for different  groups of users, departments or brands.


  • LOGOS - Whether you want to embody your company styling or something a bit more quirky, we can design you a selection of logos to perfectly suit your intranet's individual persona.  

  • THEME LIBRARIES - Why keep the same background all year round?  We can design a suite of Theme Styles that allow you to completely change the look of your Hub at a click of a button.  From background imagery and colour palettes that match the changing seasons, to completely bespoke themes for different departments and brands, our designers can create you Themes that keep your Hub looking fresh and modern all year round.



To encourage content awareness and user engagement on your intranet, you need to be proactively marketing new content and driving users around the site - as you would with any website.


The Hub's Carousel containers are a fantastic feature that enable you to showcase your core content in a really visual way across your entire intranet.  However, some of our customers don't have the tools at their disposal to really bring these carousels to life - which can lead to their calls-to-action falling flat.

Our designers can help spice up your intranet content and create standout Carousel images that are guaranteed to catch the eye of your users and drive engagement with your core content.



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