Five Ways To Encourage Intranet Collaboration

Intranets can be an excellent platform that enable you to build a solid company culture of information exchange and collaboration. With intranet software in the workplace, it's now become easier to share and access information anywhere, anytime, on any device, as well as playing a vital role in helping to improve the communication between the employees within your organisation. Collaborating through an intranet platform gives employees from different departments a unique opportunity to come together on a common platform, working and sharing ideas about big projects all within one secure digital workplace.

Maintaining good client relationships, enhancing transparency and promoting an open office culture based on continual communication can help your business in achieving its goals and objectives.

Here are five smart ways that will help you improve collaboration within your company and help you get the best results with your intranet platform.

1. Create Content Leaders

There may be many members within your organisation who may be actively contributing to your marketing efforts in the form of blogs, comments, forums posts, etc. Encourage the development of those members by assigning them bigger roles within your intranet community to ensure you're always delivering engaging content to your organisation. These employees are 'on the ground' so can provide you with a valuable firsthand insight into how intranet collaboration could be improved in your workplace. By sharing their blog content on your intranet and within email signatures, you can start delivering relevant, engaging content to your employees, while also ensuring your Content Leaders feel more valued within your organisations.

2. Recognise and Reward Good Collaboration

Peer-to-peer recognition within your company is the most valuable form of feedback that can help boost the morale of your employees, and helps in building positive collaboration within your organisation. Provide a platform on your intranet (i.e. a form, group forum or message board), where members get the opportunity to publicly thank those who have contributed towards a specific project, gone above and beyond, or provided assistance. This public form of recognition will ensure that staff will feel valued in the knowledge that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

3. Provide Guidance to Non-Contributors

The secret for building solid intranet collaboration is to ensure that all members get a fair change to participate and share their ideas or issues they may face within your organisation. Most intranet platforms, like the Hub, will have a usage report showing you user engagement and activity. Makes sure to check your statistics and find out if there are any staff who are inactive on your company intranet. Your active content leaders could take these inactive intranet users under their wing, guiding them in how they can contribute within your company communications, informing them that their voice is valued. Some members may be waiting for things to happen and a small bit of advice from others could inspire them to getting stuck in within your internal comms.

4. Encourage Questions From Members

Good intranet collaboration rests upon the trust that you are able to build amongst the members within your organisation. Be polite and prompt in responding to queries from your intranet users, and show keen interest in resolving their problems so you don't lose their intranet engagement. Better still, if you lack time, make sure you have a senior member within your intranet's steering / management group who can answer their questions on your behalf. This can be a great way to build trust amongst your staff members an encourage active communication as well.

5. Share The Benefits of Good Collaboration

It's important for you to understand what you hope to achieve with your intranet platform in the first place. Do you have any business benefits to achieve? If yes, showcase those vital benefits to others, advertise it and share some success stores with your intranet members. Inspiring your co-workers can be a great way to build enthusiasm in the way that they work together, helping to build team collaboration. Set targets to be achieved by departments and show them how it's possible to improve collaboration to achieve the desired outcome for greater success.

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