Hub Successfully Becomes an Approved G-Cloud 10 Supplier

Pancentric Digital is delighted to announce that the Hub's intranet software has been successfully accepted as an official supplier of 'Cloud Software' on the UK Government's G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace.

As an approved G-Cloud 10 supplier, the Hub is now certified under the Government's framework agreement to provide cloud-based software for public-sector organisations, making it quicker and safer for organisations to procure software from a trusted supplier that is government-approved.

Suppliers applying to list their services on the G-Cloud's competitive Digital Marketplace are required to go through a detailed application process, with an extensive security evaluation to ensure the software meets UK Government and EU compliant standards.

Through the competitive tender process and regular benchmarking, the Digital Marketplace ensures public sector customers have access to the most competitive deals, as many suppliers, like the Hub, provide exclusive third-sector discounts for their intranet software.

The Hub's Product Director, Martin Boswell, said -

"We're absolutely thrilled that the Hub has been awarded G-Cloud 10 Supplier Status, especially as Pancentric has just become ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management. We always strive to provide our customers with the most secure, feature-rich intranet software, and with our customer base continually expanding across the globe, we are delighted that the Hub has been recognised as an official UK Government supplier of Cloud Software."

The Hub is a secure intranet portal trusted by leading brands and insurers like Ralph Lauren, Barnes & Noble, RSA Insurance and Legal & General. With no impact on your IT, free version upgrades and unlimited storage, the Hub provides your business with a secure SaaS solution that is quick to implement and adheres to the highest security levels.

Discover how a Secure Intranet could help your business.

Speak to our intranet specialists to see how the Hub could help you boost employee engagement and productivity, and make your internal communications seem seamless.​​ Call: 020 7099 6370 Email:


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