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Dominos choose The Hub for their Franchisee Portal

The Hub proved to be the tasty choice for fast-food chain, Dominos, who needed a portal to connect their 66 UK franchise branches.

As a franchise organisation, Dominos are reliant on their individual franchisees to actively promote and market their product to drive sales revenue. This requires franchisees having access to a wide area of Dominos-approved assets and resources, which all need to be easily accessible.

When they approached The Hub, Dominos were purely looking for a centralised document management system, where they could store marketing assets, best practice information and how-to videos. But after seeing the potential of The Hub's feature-set, they were quick to decide that The Hub was the perfect solution for their portal needs.

The Hub provides them a more interactive environment with their franchisees, where they can drive two-way communications with easily trackable forms that boast smart workflows, interactive FAQs, advanced analytics and must-reads, and intelligent content tagging that enables them to personalise the Hub experience for individual franchisees so they only see the assets relevant to their franchise and region.


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