The Importance of Proper Intranet Training

If you have recently launched your company intranet, having invested lots of time and effort creating a suite of useful resources, then you want to ensure your employees know how to use this new system and how navigate your intranet to get to these all important resources. You want to encourage your employees to get the greatest value out of your company intranet, while also ensuring your newly implemented intranet system takes off in improving the efficiency and communication within the workplace.

For any employee that's new to your company intranet, finding your way around the system may prove quite challenging if you have a large quantity of content or if you've introduced a host of new processes that replace existing systems. The simplest way to get your employees started on their intranet journey is by sharing 'quick-links' to core content on your homepage to help guide your staff in the right direction, but there are also other ways in which you can train your employees utilising your intranet.

Why Provide Intranet Training in the First Place?

Your intranet is a powerful medium to deliver all the vital business information in one place, helping to boost internal communication and efficiency amongst your employees. By providing training around core intranet features and tasks, you can boost the confidence of your employees and make mundane tasks easier. It stands to reason that users who are more educated on your intranet will get greater value from the system.

Properly training your employees on how to use your intranet can aid with a smooth and uninterrupted workflow, as users have access to a more efficient working environment without any confusion.

Investing in intranet training can help to generate better ideas for business development and communication between users, as employees know how to utilise the collaboration aspects of your company intranet.

The biggest advantage of properly training your staff on how to utilise your intranet features more effectively, is of course increased employee engagement. Once your staff know how to get the most out of their intranet system, they will undoubtedly increase their usage of the system and utilise more of its features and functionality. With more people using the system, its inevitable that levels of engagement with the content and levels of communication between employees will increase - both of which have positive impacts on productivity and retention rates.

Utilise your Intranet to Training Your Employees:

Training Quizzes

Utilising your intranet's own built-in Form Builder to train your employees on how to use your intranet is the easiest way to get your users interacting with the system and learning their way around quickly. Create questionnaires and quizzes that encourage your staff to find and interact with different processes on your intranet, plus you can embed videos, documents, images straight into your forms.

'Easter Egg' Intranet Hunt

One of the best examples we've seen for utilising your intranet to proactively (and effortlessly) teach your employees how to use a company intranet, was an idea born from one of our Hub customers. After their new intranet launch, this company designed a virtual 'easter egg' hunt across their Hub platform, hiding icon images of easter eggs across key resource pages, and throughout all the new internal forms and processes that had been implemented as part of their new digital workplace. This incentivised 'egg hunt' actively encouraged users to engage with the new system and its content, and further encouraged employees to utilise the forms and new internal processes in their search for easter eggs, as only by completing certain forms and workflow tasks could users 'unlock' an easter egg. By 'hiding' the eggs across the company's intranet site, it ensured staff had to explore the site thoroughly to find them all. In doing so, staff effectively 'self-trained' themselves on their new company intranet, and it proved a fantastic way to ensure their intranet launch was a hit with staff straight away.